Who is Chia-Direct®

highest quality chia seeds, maca & moringa powder at the lowest direct export price

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Who is Chia-Direct®

The keywords for Chia-Direct.com are: People , Planet , Profit


Profit – life is not just about making money
We believe that the world is not just about making money. Companies do need to be economically viable, but a company is made out of people that spend their life there, and at the same time the products are bought also by people who not just look at the price. So money is important but it is not the only thing that matters. Thefore, we also include people and planet into the equation. This is how we do it:

People & Planet
For the products we sell we work according to the Fairtrade TSA practices. This means that we provide a very good price for the all the labour involved enabling a sustainable growth in the local community. Why is this growth sustainable? When paying a decent price, the entire community is involved (good for them), but also good for us. By paying a good price, we impose our high (organic) standards on all aspects of the production process, resulting in a very high standard product. For example, the Acai powder you buy from our Acai Brazilian competitors contains about half of the antioxidants (called ORAC) that we have. By paying a good price the community is able to provide “just in time”, so the products are delivered in its freshest form possible maintaining all the essential ingredients.

So the Fairtrade business model not only provides a good sustainable income for the local community but it also provides us a high quality product. Then why do we sell it so cheap?? The name chia-direct.com explains why:

Traditional Distribution Chain:



Chia-Direct.com Chain:

Conclusion, Chia-Direct means: 

  • Higher and fair price to the local community
  • so fairtrade, this includes no child labor, decent social facilities, good for the people
  • No mixed qualities due to intermediaries
  • Traceable quality
  • Super fresh, in terms of Acai, Cupuacu and Camu Camu freeze dried is within 10 hours from harvesting
  • Organic sustainable farming, good for the planet
  • Last but not least: You have a better quality product with a lower price